The inefficiencies of an indoor/outdoor hallway in winter.

The inefficiencies of an indoor/outdoor hallway in winter


Today is the 5th day I’ve spent cooped up in a small, one-bedroom condo on Cape Cod. The original plan was to pack up and ship out today, but I wasn’t sure I would get as much done as I wanted, so I phoned in a favor and had this handy dandy New England blizzard delivered. ‘Til Monday, it is.

I left the depths of my beloved NJ basement early last week to spend a few days wrapping my head around the concept of writing this here book, as well as to rid myself of some imaginary personal obstacles standing in my way [Routines are not the enemy. Routines will help you get shit done. Positive routines should not consist of drinking two glasses of wine a night. Ice cream is not the answer. And so forth…]. The first several days here were spent sleeping, eating, doing restorative yoga (or “laying around”), and reading books on how to whip my chakras into shape.

chakra (ˈtʃækrə, ˈtʃʌkrə)

(in yoga) any of the seven major energy centres in the body

[C19: from Sanskrit cakra wheel, circle]

As you may know, I am a certified yoga instructor, so things like chakras, ayurveda, and acroyoga have become a semi-regular part of my existence. If you don’t know or care what these are, don’t worry about it. I’ll only bring them up as necessary, and over time I will trick you into understanding and loving them with my bemusing and comical prose.

With that, allow me to draw your attention to the third chakra, which from this day forth I will refer to affectionately as, “My Bitch.” The Bitch chakra is known as your power center, and it’s where you get the energy, drive, and determination to get things done. In the past, the Bitch has not been strong in me. Sure, I’ve accomplished a good deal in my scant 28 years, but when it comes to getting things done regularly and consistently (the dishes, for example, or cleaning up dog shit), I have not had the force of the Bitch on my side.

And thus, my problem: If I ever want to get this book done, it will require an incredible amount of daily focus and commitment. When I’m not writing, I need to be planning, reading, crafting with other writers, or selling my soul to the devil. In order to do all that, I need to get this Bitch chakra in check. That’s why I am now committing to a schedule, which includes, but is not limited to:

  • Posting on this blog at least once a week
  • Taking notes and jotting ideas every day
  • Writing consistently throughout the week
  • Reviewing and organizing the book content at least once a month
  • Drinking a full of glass of water upon awakening every morning (lemon & ginger additives optional)

The exciting life of a would-be writer, in bulleted format for your reading pleasure. I know it doesn’t look like much yet, but just think of all the fun you’ve had reading my first two posts. Betcha can’t wait to see what comes next 😉

Also, a final amusing note I’d like to include since my previous (and first) post:

I am a good writer, I am a good editor, and I am a good proofreader; however, I have not yet managed to become a publishing superhero. In most cases, I will be the only person to read, edit, and proof these posts for the foreseeable future.

When you do the literary math on this, it means there will likely be a fair number of typos, errors, and other writing horrors therein. Should you find one of the aforementioned offenses on my blog, consider this your official invitation to shoot me an email or message if you’d like me to correct it. I have no shame in my game, and would be happy to benefit from your sharp editing eye. If you see an error and decide you don’t want to mention it—that is equally fine by me. As long as you understand the general gist of what I’m trying to say, eye think we we’re all going two bee OK.