I like my chairs like I like my houses – Empty

At the end of last week, I started a blog post about joining a writers’ group. I made it a few paragraphs in before I got stuck, thought about something else, and never finished the piece or posted it online. And that, dear reader, is exactly what I’ve been afraid of: getting distracted and not finishing my work.

“Work” is a funny word these days. I get up every weekday around 10ish (don’t hate…I have no timecards or babies to worry about), drink my large glass of water, then spend the rest of the day in front of my computer, hammering away at what needs to be done. Between writing, reading, reading about writing, blogging, marketing, and learning Italian (more on that later), I still hardly have time to run my business, practice yoga, and handle all the stuff that greases the wheels of my life: grocery shopping, walking the dog, finding a NJ health insurance policy I can actually afford, etc.

While no self-respecting lady of nearly 30 years old actually wants to live with her parents, I am extraordinarily lucky to have a warm, dry, and occassionally clean place to do all these things. Without my parents’ generosity and spare bedrooms, I would have neither the time nor the luxury of working on some of the big goals I’ve set for myself. Getting this book done will require a tremendous amount of time and focus, and if I have to sacrifice a chunk of my privacy and a few ounces of sanity for a rent-free place to sleep and work on my book, so be it.

That said, I am thrilled that for the next week, I will be the only human in the house while my parents are on vacation in New England. There is nothing like the freedom of having a place to myself again, even if it’s only for a few days. I have already planned a party for the weekend, turned the living room into a makeshift office/yoga studio, and triumphantly strolled around the house completely naked – and they’ve only been gone for a day.

Parties and nudity aside, I’m hoping this week looks a lot more like Writer’s Gone Wild than Spring Break. I’m already enjoying the solitude and hope it helps me stay focused on writing and reading throughout the week. If I get distracted, there’s no one else here to turn on a TV, strike up a conversation, or ask me to run an errand. I only need to look after myself and my dog, and there’s a beautiful simplicity to that when we’re the only ones around. Hopefully I’ll wrap up the week with a nice chunk of my ‘work’ finished, and even if I’m just as broke as I was the week before, I’ll be one step closer to accomplishing my goal. I guess you’ll need to sign up for my email updates (see sidebar, top left) or follow me on Twitter to find out. If nothing else, at least we know I’ve finally finished up this blog post!