A Happy Birthday wink from me to you


Over the last year – even before shit hit the proverbial fan in my life- I’ve really started to open up to the concept of astrology. If you’re anything like me, it’s quite likely that you view things like astrology, tarot readings, and superstition as a bunch of hot-aired nonsense made up by hippies and Californians. How could all the people born within a month of me have the same personality? I’d ask. How does the day I was born have anything to do with the fine specimen of an individual I am today?

I agree that there are plenty of swindlers and liars in astrology land; but really, the same’s true for just about any other field – business, banking, government, medicine, you name it. As a yoga teacher, however, I have had plenty of access to hippies and Californians who have been more than happy to direct me to some of the more respected and authentic leaders in astrology and the like.

I didn’t go looking for a reason to like this stuff, but I’m beginning to learn that whenever the Universe wants to have her way with me, my resistance is futile. It’s like trying to see Lindsay Lohan sober or a Kardashian with all her clothes on. That shit’s just not gonna happen.

Despite my original reservations, I have drunk the karmic kool-aid and now consider astrology to be an important guide in figuring out how I’m going to navigate the insanity of life. (There will be plenty more about this in the aptly-named Venus Retrograde, the book I’m currently working on. Prepare to be amazed. Or at least mildly amused.)

All this brings me to today, March 11th, when the new moon rises in Pisces and kicks off the official start of my fresh, new astrological year. Tomorrow is also my birthday, and while I have never before given a rat’s ass about whether or not my birthday coincided with a particular phase of the moon, all the important horoscopes for this month have warned me that there is a LOT going on.

This month is one for the record books, I’m told, due to the sheer number of planets that are hanging around in my sign and where they plan to go for the next few weeks, months, and years. I can’t pretend like I actually understand all this stuff, but what I know so far is that my horoscopes have been absolutely spot on for the last couple of weeks, and if things continue to go this way, shit is about to get real. In addition to what one astrologer is calling a “Monster Moon” coming up on the 27th, it seems that whatever I end up putting together during the next couple of weeks has the potential to affect not only the entire next year, but possibly the rest of my life. No pressure there, Planets.

In truth, there are a small handful of things I’ve got going on that have some serious potential in all areas of my life. I certainly have no idea what will manifest or what I will need to deal with, but it’s safe to say I’m equally terrified and excited about whatever’s going to happen next. If there’s one thing I learned during the last year, it’s that things will work out much easier if I create the space for them to happen without forcing anything along.

Who knows whether I’ll actually be able to follow through with that plan or if I’ll just self-implode from horoscope-induced anxiety, because right now, it feels like the latter. Either way, I’ll keep you lovely readers apprised of what works, what doesn’t, and whatever funny shit happens in the meantime over the next few weeks and months. Stay tuned.