About the book


Venus Retrograde is a damn good (soon-to-be) book about letting go of control in order to figure out what the universe is telling you to do.

Jackie started out with a nice home in a city she loved, an income she created on her own, and a relationship others dreamed of. That is, until she was bitch-slapped by the Universe and she lost it all in a matter of weeks. Somehow, despite having to move back home into her parents’ basement at a time when most of her friends were saying “I do” and working on their first (or third) babies, she managed to be happier than she’d been in years and decided it was time to write about her tale and share her fabulous new secrets with the world.

Venus Retrograde is a book-in-progress that will follow Jackie’s journey towards finding fulfillment and happiness while confined to the bowels of a New Jersey basement. Most importantly, it will be entertaining, funny, and appeal even to people who think yoga is for sissies and the power of the Universe is something that should only be talked about on Star Trek.

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6 thoughts on “About the book”

  1. You have my intrest! Hope you made it through the storm – Did you go up there to write? The last I read of a writer leaving his job and writing in a basement was a Haddonfield ex-teacher. he wrote Silver Lining ——

    • Thanks! Still snowed in here in New England, so I really have no excuses not to write. Should have a blog post about all that soon! I didn’t realize the Silver Linings writer was from NJ. Maybe we’ll be lucky enough to put GHS on the map this time 😉

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  3. Pingback: Venus Retrograde

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